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"Introductions is a program to introduce FLR women to FLR men in a positive and uplifting way"
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These are just some of the people looking for relationships on this site

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Make new friends, meet people, join for free, get verified for as little as $2. Men are required to go through a short course teaching them new skills. They will earn 60 reputation points to show women they are serious about FLR. This is a very good program for people to meet and greet.

MyIntro I'm Lawrence_2

Age 40s
Body Type Few Extra Pounds
Height Average
Hair Lt Brown

Hi I'm Lawrence_2 (111 reputation points)

A little about me
I am looking for new relationships - I am currently Looking

A short bio: I´m a pretty honest, straightforward, bluecollar guy who also loves reading, cooking, travel and many other activities. When I relax: I participate in the many hobbies and interests of mine. Hobbies I enjoy: I love reading, hiking, weightlifting, running, listening to music, cooking, participating in and watchiing sports-I'm interested in many things and believe the world is ours to explore! When with friends: A buddy of mine, his wife, and this woman I was dating went out to this restaurant by the lake. We had a good time, relaxed, and enjoyed each others conversation.

Why I want FLR: i just think we guys are better off when women run the show. I´m like most men. I think with my penis, i sometimes make bad decisions, i was a bit wild when I was younger. i have found out that when a woman keeps me in line it gives me direction and in my relationships i have found that when my lady is the boss i´m a better man. i have no problem obeying a woman. The perfect FLR man: I guess it would be a guy who would submit to his woman in all her decisions and turn his life over to her.

Location United States of America
FLR Level level 3 FLR Experience Yes
Orientation heterosexual

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Public conversations. Please use these primers to introduce yourself. Everyone with communication permission can participate.

Hey ladies - answer this: What women leader do you consider your inspiration or mentor?

Hey ladies - answer this: How would you describe your leadership style in getting decisions made?

Hey ladies - answer this: What do you think is the most important value in a relationship?

Hey ladies - answer this: Do you keep animals? Are they friends, family or pets?

Hey ladies - answer this: If you could do one thing to summarize your love for your mate, what would that be?

i guess Iīve always been interested in FLRs without calling it that because women have always been leaders in my life. I was somewhat reluctant about programs like this because I donīt always trust the man-hating or kinky side of things. I am,i suppose, a pretty traditionally masculine kind of man and donīt see my manliness as something to be ashamed of but as something to be channeled and used for good instead of evil. i believe in the good side of FLRs because i have always believed in submitting to the women in my life and I think that we men should be there to serve the women we love and elevate them above ourselves. I think, also, that this fixation on the kinky side of things can be selfishness masqurading as submisiveness. I believe in submitting in love and that a relationship where a strong woman sets limits and corrects me when the things i have trouble controlling, like my sexuality,get out of hand makes me a better man and her a better woman. I really feel that a happy wife makes a happy life, as they say.

May 22, 2012


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