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MyIntro I'm NorthCa

Age 50s
Body Type Fit
Height Average
Hair Silver

Hi I'm NorthCa (183 reputation points)

A little about me
I am NOT looking for new relationships - I am currently Dating

A short bio: When I relax: Read, take a walk. Hobbies I enjoy: Outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling etc. When with friends: It was a barbecue. Lots of food choices and conversation.

Why I want FLR: I have some alpha qualities; I am confident and masculine. However, the FLR feels a natural fit for me. In a FLR I am comfortable and feel very natural in the beta role, a good worker bee, eager to please and happy to serve. I take pride in jobs well done, even more so when my efforts are pleasing to a strong woman as Head of Household. The perfect FLR man: Honorable, Hard working at home and in career. Helpful, a good listener. Living with a level 3 or higher attitude about our respective roles within the relationship. A good and useful man who is living in the moment and ready to serve and obey the Head of Household.

Location United States of America
FLR Level level 3 FLR Experience Yes
Orientation heterosexual

MAG's I am in or have completed

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