Describe how you would serve your partner

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Describe how you would serve your partner

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My mate requires very little from me compared to what she gives so I would do just about anything to please her. I get up early and make her coffee and a quick breakfast even when I am really tried because he stays up late doing things for us.
Author: Randell 2011-06-23 16:51:07    [reply]
I think it will be a mistake for me to answer this question because I am single thus, I do not know how my patner in question will like me to serve her. But if you where to pull my arm to make me give you an answer, I would say that I will serve my partner out of love, respect, honor and dignity! I will serve my partner/Lady any way she wants me to that does not involve bdsm, m/s, humiliation etc and etc!
Reply by: Heartandsoul297 2015-11-14 10:56:18    

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I sent this letter to my wife she loved it it shows my feelings and i am very proud of myself i let her know she can share this with any one she wants even if she put it on her face book see below Thank you, love this web site so hard to find a site that's not porn or junk you are my wife & best friend with my love i respect that you are head of our household you have final word i will obey you share household chores that you tell me to do help with the kids getting their chores done i expect to be disciplined when out of line will take any punishment you see fit i will pamper you and take care of all your needs that are in my control i also give you control of my manhood my means of chastity this will give you control of when were & how i can have a erection and ejaculate i am very happy & grateful to have you in my life - edited by staff, too much sexual and FemDom descriptions
Author: Steve1957 2011-11-23 15:06:47    [reply]
I would serve my partner by doing the laundry all household chores pamper her and obey her every command. cater for her every whim and anything she desired,with her permission
Author: Keen333 2012-03-03 09:10:27    [reply]
Keen333 What if she just wanted you to be nice, fit and charming? Most women really don't want a slave, they want the guy they have who is more responsive to them, a good listener and better kept.
Reply by: SusanM88 2012-03-03 12:34:50    [reply]
SusanM88 That is why both parties need to be sincere before they meet in person, if we are talking about people "in search of"... Nice, fit and charming goes both ways, in vanilla or FLR...
Reply by: Burning 2012-09-28 06:32:58    
"This is simple in my opinion. IĀ“ve accepted her leadership and guidance. I provided the support needed for her to investigate the subject of a FLR. She will digest the information and develop her own course of action. I will support her with my reasons that I would like to live a FLR. She will present to me her plan. It will be up to me to be the FLR man that she desires if she chooses to undertake this lifestyle." ... I copied this from the private MAG forum because I thought it was to the point and very easy to understand. It was an answer to one of the MAG assignments questions. The user remains anonymous.
Author: Ann1000Days 2012-09-23 18:28:38    [reply]
Ann1000Days This is really helpful and practical advice. Thank you.
Reply by: Karim56 2012-10-06 03:11:14    [reply]
This is such an easy question to answer....I would serve my partner in any and all ways SHE WISHES. She does ot need to try to figure out what I want and then structure it as if it was her idea. I enter in this relationship in the hopes of serving her as she wishes hoping that will increase the bond because neither of us can find this type of relationship in the vanilla world. Within reason, my submission must not have any limits because the more I limit her, the more I reduce her pleasure through this power. Eventually if I keep on that path, the relationship will turn to vanilla and we will both be destroyed.
Author: Cbotrader 2012-10-08 16:17:15    [reply]
Ideally, I would like to do all the housework as well as pamper her. Practically speaking, this is not possible since we both have full-time jobs. For example, this morning she started to clean up the kitchen after breakfast and I protested that I would do that as well as make the bed and put in the laundry. She replied that if I did that I wouldn`t have time to walk the forty-five minutes to work, which she insists on for my health and weight control. So she prioritized: she did the dishes and I had time to walk to work. She has recently decided to teach me to sew so that I can do the occasional garment repair that she has always done since she`s the only one who knows how. Finally, she has some delicate underwear that must be hand-washed. She gives them to me to wash, rinse and hang up to dry. I particularly enjoy that service. - edited by staff [reason: typo ]
Author: Thomas_3 2013-08-19 06:49:19    [reply]
I would certainly do domestic chores for my partner. I could take charge of cleaning and laundry. I'd pamper my partner with frequent back rubs and foot rubs. But most importantly, I'd serve by doing what she wanted. It's important to be trainable and be open to whatever a woman happens to prefer.
Author: Pleasingyou 2014-02-15 13:44:06    [reply]
Well I have just mopped the kitchen and bathroom floor and completed a couple of other chores laid out for me to finish the list I was given. It is these small tasks of support that are so valued. The foot rub will be later this evening
Author: Baseboy 2014-07-09 10:54:52    [reply]
One of the first questions about service from a man to a woman is why cant he just do it without the trappings of FLR or domination? If a man want to serve a woman why not just do it as a way of life? Chime in guys with your ideas.
Author: Gwen 2015-04-22 18:01:36    [reply]
Gwen If one is in a FLR relationship the trappings exist and therefore are unavoidable. Those who are living a life of service to others without the rituals and formulas of defined obligation are doing so on their own. Short of looking for a new relationship, I wouldn't expect to see them here. For myself, service to others is a philosophical position based on Buddhist principals. One of the high practices of Buddhism is to look upon your significant other as an enlightened being who's every word is a lesson for you to use in bettering yourself. You cannot do enough for such a person.
Reply by: Factotum 2015-04-29 13:56:19    [reply]
I will serve,AND support and treat and make my partner feel like she is very feminine and like she is a CEO of a fortune 500 company who is worth at least a million bucks! I will already know my partner is the leader because I will see it everyday in our daily lives and activities together! I will serve and support her as my way of showing her my love, loyalty, gratitude, devotion, respect, honor, and dignity!
Author: Heartandsoul297 2015-11-16 11:12:38    [reply]
I would serve the woman who takes charge of me by surrendering to her guidance and doing everything I can do to please her in every way she trains me to serve her. I imagine pampering her, preparing meals and serving them to her, sexually focusing on pleasing her, doing lots of chores around the house and out in the garden to make her home everything she wants it to be. Although these are things I imagine the reality will be all up to her! The most important thing I feel is to love her by completely surrendering to pleasing her 24/7.
Author: Georgiepooh 2016-08-11 15:50:15    [reply]
As an newbee to this lifestyle, although a very eager one, my thoughts towards my S.O. are constant, sending poems by text, asking continually is there anything I can get you, a drink, a snack, foot rub, back rub, things along those lines. I try to anticipate what she might want me to do for her
Author: U2canbgr8 2017-08-17 14:03:55    [reply]


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