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Discussing Issues in Female Led Relationships

The topic of "Who benefits when men serve their mate and family? - Issues in female led relationships" is covered from the viewpoint of the Author of this website, what Experts say about "Who benefits when men serve their mate and family? - Issues in female led relationships" and how our users feel about the subject. You can participate freely. We invite expert opinion via email. We value all kinds of information such as: research, anecdotal information and perspective.

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This is a great question because everyone benefits. Anytime men commit themselves to serve their woman and children the world gets better. I would ask how it makes men feel when they serve their wife and kids?
Author: Beth 2011-03-02 12:15:50    [reply]

What our users say

A wiseman once told me that EVERYONE has something worth listening too and when you listen enough you will get smarter. We value the ideas and opinions of our readers on the topic of "Who benefits when men serve their mate and family? - Issues in female led relationships. "True genius resides in the capacity for evaluation of uncertain, hazardous, and conflicting information." Winston Churchill (British Orator, Author and Prime Minister during World War II. 1874-1965)

Look at proverbs 31 in the bible - if men served their wives like that women did her husband there would be an amazing transformation in relationships and many more people would be fulfilled.
Author: Admin 2011-03-03 09:53:10    [reply]
a Happy wife is the key to a good marriage so if a man serves his Lady by making her feel loved and appreciated then you should have harmony within the family, as well as a great relationship with her.
Author: AnonymousViking 2011-04-02 20:50:48    [reply]
It seems natural to me, so i [I] try to go with the F [f]emale power flow. - edited by staff (female, she, her and wife and not capitalized except at the beginning of a sentence, i for men is not lower case)
Author: Dennis 2011-08-24 20:40:32    [reply]
Service to others is very rewarding and it is amazing how often those others are not your own family. The male does serve his family when he leaves to go work for a wage that sustains them all, and although this is acknowledged, I often wonder if it is too quickly dismissed or undervalued when considering service. Most men I know are not happy with their jobs and it is a major stressor to them emotionally. That being said, the act of letting that go and focusing on what your wife and kids need and helping them get there can be all the bliss one needs. It doesn't need to be huge sweeping gestures, just little moments. THAT being said, with the drag from the job, and incidental chores around the house, it can become impossible to dedicate the time in a meaningful way.
Author: Chris68 2011-08-24 23:17:34    [reply]
Chris68 " it can become impossible to dedicate the time in a meaningful way." I believed that to be true until one day someone said " When you die to do want to look back and say boy I did a lot of household chores for my family or I dedicated time to my family in a meaningful way." I try to slip in incidentals during the week, at lunch or after bed time. (Practically maybe the house is just not as neat.) It has made me, abit more tired, but much happier. You are so right about all the bliss. Sincerely gat1207
Reply by: Gat1207 2011-08-26 12:38:46    [reply]
Gat1207 Hi Gat - I get that, but am wary as when the threshold is crossed and there is no recovery time from work stress, it is a bad outcome for everyone. Might be different in a house with no kids.
Reply by: Chris68 2011-08-27 05:55:01    


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