Discuss connection in FLR, what is it, how does it work?

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"Discuss connection in FLR, what is it, how does it work?"
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Discuss connection in FLR, what is it, how does it work?

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What our MAG members say

Connection is based on both physical attraction, and mutual trust and compatibility. In other words, while partners should definitely find each other attractive, more importantly they should respect each other as people, and grow with each other to better themselves.
Author: SamIAm 2018-01-12 12:18:52   
Modern lingo defines connection as when two people exchange something. The notion “we connected” by phone, txt, our ideas, made eye contact etc. In behavior connection comes in 3 flavors: 1) that base need to connect we have, a void in us only other people can fill; 2) the strong instinct we have to couple up and belong to each other and; 3) that elusive kind of connection that includes vulnerability, dependence and potentially surrender. If you did not know it women read books and
Author: Mark J 2017-12-03 00:02:28   
It is a deep, mutual understanding of two people that want to live out a FLR. The male come to the relationship knowing and understanding this is the life he chose and the Female is strong and confident in her self to lead and take control on as many levels as she sees fit for the betterment of the relationship. It's this mutual understanding of both parties, unequivocally, that sustains a FLR.
Author: Dvbvalpha123 2017-11-29 15:49:38   
Physical connection, this can be irrespective of the flr side of things. Emotional connection, spiritual connection.
Author: Pj1976bj 2017-11-05 22:37:23   
A FLR union should be the fruit of a couple's job, both the woman and the male should compare their desires and expectations, because there are no perfect laws governing the FLR, some may like one thing to another do not like, trust, confidence, and complicity are essential to create a strong and fulfilling FLR binding for everyone
Author: Ravanello 2017-11-02 21:50:56   
Connection is the interaction in a relationship. When two people connect they exchange ideas, perceptions,feelings, information, etc. Commmunication may be nonverbal via eye contact or touch... or communication may be be strictly literal, as in an exchange of text. There is a level of connection in FLR in which the man reveals and the woman accepts his vulnerability, submission and surrender
Author: David Jeeves 2017-09-14 22:40:20   
Female led open and judgement free communication are the keys to connection. The man must be willing to submit his innermost thoughts and emotions to her, but to do so he must be able to trust that she will use this submission wisely to guide him and develop the deep trust connection. She might use it to control him as part of that process but she should never push so far that she breaks his will. That would be a violation of trust. One of the reasons women should be in charge is because of their higher levels of empathy and compassion and their ability to apply those in their responsibility as leaders.
Author: SeekingFLR17 2017-08-30 23:46:16   
Of course the woman must lead but her man must get some satisfaction too. Over time she will probably get this to Her liking.
Author: Kenny2fun 2017-08-10 23:00:20   
To have a successful relationship both parties must agree to be honest. They must look for agreement and common ground in the relationship. The man must expect he must be flexible and accommodating to the lady if he is to effectively obey her.
Author: Philipt 2017-08-06 12:17:35   
The base connection we all need. Let's face it... we all want to be with someone, on some level. It's only human! It truly is an instinct to search out... and connect... with another person. And if we're lucky, that other person pushes us forwards and upwards to a wonderful life! That feeling of vulnerability... dependence and possible surrender are always present!
Author: Alwayswanted2 2017-08-05 16:14:07   
This goes back to being respectful. Make sure to plan out your desires in an flr early on so as not to reach disappointment. Both partners deserve respect.
Author: JackStephen 2017-07-01 05:38:00   
Knowing her thought on matters at hand and putting them in the for front can make connections be more prevalent than not.
Author: Flrjer 2017-05-04 21:39:57   
I believe connection exists because the dominant woman and the submissive man both know at all times that she controls him. She wants to control him and he wants her to control him.
Author: Michael in DC 2017-02-20 14:23:31   
Being polite, not being pushy, being honest, being a genuinely nice guy, approaching someone you are interested in and being prepared to open up
Author: DorianGrey 2016-10-23 20:23:22   
I believe there has to be a physical, emotional and intellectual connection in FLR. There has to be a substance trust on both sides.
Author: Jeeplife94 2016-10-14 04:10:00   
Jeeplife94 I agree with this. I tend to find that men think because they are a submissive that a women seeking an FLR should want to be with them. I still have to have the physical, emotional, and intellectual as stated.
Reply by: Sixfeetandsexy 2017-02-22 09:01:40   
It is when the man is willing to serve her. In a flr relationship the laws of attraction are the same, but the pecking order is different. It is important to realize this. Attraction is a combination of Mental and physical attraction. This all comes together to create a feeling of closeness.
Author: Mrbusiness 2016-09-30 17:27:43   
The connection is a bond that cannot never be broken. His weakness is her and can he will only feel strongest under her guidance. Once the bond is formed it is an exchange of power and mercy combined with love.
Author: Helpme555 2016-09-21 13:10:29   
A woman needs to feel connected to her man and that he genuinely desire to understand the pressures she is under and he wants to make life easy for them by ddoimg the thimgs he is able to do.
Author: Atyourservice_2 2016-08-05 00:04:23   
I joined this group because I thought it would help me find a woman that was confident being in charge. I'm still confident that this was a good choice.
Author: Respect4u 2016-05-23 22:13:11   
How does it start? How do you ask this of your mate, especially when it will appear to be coming out of nowhere?
Author: Searching2016 2016-05-11 10:05:29   


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